User Experience Design for Ecommerce Success


Successful brick-and-mortar stores spend a lot of time on designing their in-store layouts. What products should be at eye level? What type of clothing should be in the front of the store? Where should the pop-up display be? These stores spend a lot of time thinking about who is walking into their store and what will get them to purchase.

In the digital world, it works the same. Once you understand the who, what, and why behind your brand you can build a website that will lead customers to what they are looking for.

I have come up with a list of six things that you can think about in order to optimize the layout of your ecommerce store.

  1. Place best sellers front and center. Make it easy to find the products your customers are most likely looking for.
  2. Develop simple and clean product organization. Make it easy for visitors to find the kind of product they are looking for.
  3. Build great filters. Users like to feel in control when they browse products. Allow your visitors to filter products in a way that makes sense for your store. Size, color, price, etc.
  4. Allow users to organize your products. Different users prefer different ways of browsing; price high to low, best sellers, largest discount, etc.
  5. Make sure your products have a ‘Quick Shop’ option. This makes it super easy for browsers to quickly add items to the cart all without leaving the page they are on (so they can keep browsing).
  6. Use landing pages for new collections and/or target products. When you have a specific type of traffic coming to a specific landing page magic happens. Create a landing page around a certain type of product that you can advertise. Bring visitors to your site who are ready to buy.